Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Can a muslim marry second time a hindu by special marriage act without divorcing his first wife?

I am a hindu and in love with a muslim who is already married to a muslim with two kids.I have a daughter in him.Is it legal to get married to him without divorcing his 1st wife.I don't want to change my religion. He is willing to marry me.Can a muslim marry second time a hindu by special marriage act without divorcing his first wife?
No one, not even a Muslim marry second time during his first marriage in existence under the Special Marriage Act,1954, the Civil Form of Marriage.

The unmarried Status of both parties to Marriage according to the Civil Form of Marriage under the given Act is most important condition for marriage. The persons getting married not only make statement on oath in the form of Affidavits that they have unmarried marital status, but it is also the statutory duty of the Marriage Officer to ascertain the unmarried status of both parties to the marriage.

This Muslim can marry you while his first marriage is in existence according to the Muslim Sharia Law, after you convert to Muslim Religion. This will be a legal Muslim Marriage.Can a muslim marry second time a hindu by special marriage act without divorcing his first wife?
I really am not too sure. Try asking the Ramadan section. They know everything in thr. I know this much:

a) If you have a daughter with him, and you're not married then it counts as adultery for him ...not sure what consequence that would have

b) he can marry again, provided his wife gives him permission and he can provide for you both EQUALLY- in terms of money, love, attention, etc

c)I know a Muslim man can marry a Jewish or Christian woman because Judaism%26amp;Christianity are both semitic, monotheistic religions like Islam. IIn fact, orthodox Judaism is almost exactly like Islam. Not sure if a Muslim man can marry a Hindu woman unless she does a nikah and converts.

I guess it all depends on whether you do a nikah or not. N if he wants it to be legal in the eyes of Allah, he would have to do a nikah. Try asking in the Ramadan forum. I'm not sure about the exact rulings and your situation sounds complicated. My personal feeling is ppl should marry within their religion, whatever that religion is..but there is a child in your case. Hope whatever decision you take turns out best for both of you and his 1st wife and your kids.
Well, the only place that I would think that its legal to have more than one wife are in Muslim countries. And in Muslim countries that do allow that, it would be illegal for a Muslim guy to get married to a Hindu. Marriages to Jews and Christians only would be allowed.
Depends on where you live. If its in the US no, it would be bigamy and illegal. In certain muslim countries, yes, as long as he can provide for you the same as his wife. You may have to change your religion. Cant say more without knowing what country you live in.
Sicho agsr tumhari wife i mean 1st wife tumhare sath aisa kare to and 2nd thing tumhara illegal rishte wali jo apne 1st husband ko chod sakti hai wo tumhe bhi ek din kisi or k liye chod sakti hai so be carefull.
What a mess! I hope you can figure that one out.

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